Azran Glimmerspark

Halfling Warlock Scavenger


Azran is a 3ft tall halfling with a red and pepper Hulihee beard and a bald head.

He often has a cigar in his mouth and his flintlock lighter is his best friend. He has a leather cap on his head with goggles, a raggedy looking white tank-top with brown pants. His suspenders and boots are black.

When he travels he wears a blue leather poncho and a rather busy looking back pack.


Azran was a typical scramp. He would crawl in, find some crystals and be out before you could set a piton. He was rough around the edges, did his job and went home to a nice cigar and some stout every night for the last century.

One evening he was working a particularly difficult job, private too. He happened across the crystals they had tipped him off on but there was something else he found too, a silver pendant necklace, with a skull pendant with strange colored eyes.

He returned the crystals, keeping the necklace for pawning later. That night however, was the first of many continuous nightmares. He never did pawn that necklace though…

Azran Glimmerspark

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